The goal is to develop and support social initiatives in local communities in 14 priority regions of Ukraine.

Areas in which we support projects out of competition


Solving current and specific problems of local communities, with the active involvement of citizens, representatives of local authorities


Development of public activity in local communities, rural settlements and district centers


Use and development of the potential of local communities and their inhabitants


  • Public
  • Local and
    self-government bodies
  • Public
  • Initiative

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Why apply for an out-of-competition grant?


1. If your organization operates in one of the priority regions for the fund and

  • has an idea how to improve the life of the community according to one of the 4 priority directions of the fund, and has not yet applied for the current competition of microgrants “Time to act, Ukraine!”;
  • has an innovative, exciting idea, but in your opinion it is not subject to existing competitions due to budget constraints or key areas of the fund;
  • is looking for a donor to co-finance your future project, which you submit to another international donor (for example, funds from the European Commission, the United States and others);
  • is looking for a consortium partner in your project;
  • looking for a partner in other communities.

2. If your organization is not from a priority region and therefore cannot participate in fund competitions, however

  • you have an idea to improve the quality of life of rural communities and small towns, ready to implement your idea in key areas of the fund;
  • apply to another donor and look for an equal partner with community involvement;
  • have partners in those regions who are ready to scale their activities to those regions;
  • you have a well-implemented pilot project and want to transfer best practices to the communities of priority regions.

How to apply?

At the first stage, the concept of the idea is considered, which can be sent to the tender commission. This can be done in two ways, in particular:


Fill in a short electronic application



Download the application and send it by e-mail with additional material

Download the application and send it to e-mail together with additional material (in the subject of the letter be sure to indicate “Out of competition »).

Additional material may include:
– a link to your short (up to 3 minutes) video on youtube, where you present your own idea;
– jpg photos (or links to them) related to the future project;
– presentation in PDF format.