MHP and DonorUA partner to boost blood donors

14 june 2023,

Every year, more than 200,000 people in Ukraine need blood donations. The full-scale war waged by Russia against Ukraine since February 24, 2022 has seen the demand for blood intensify with wounded soldiers and civilians arriving at hospitals on a daily basis.

In 2020, MHP launched a blood donor drive. During this period, the company’s employees donated blood 1,733 times, which equates to 5,199 lives saved. But to attract even more donors and promote a culture of donation among the team, MHP signed a memorandum of partnership with the NGO «DonorUA». According to the agreement, MHP will use the Donor for Teams platform developed by the organization to automate the process of attracting new blood donors and to communicate with them on a regular and systematic basis.

“MHP’s corporate social responsibility is driven by our common experience, goals, values and a sense of being a part of something meaningful. We have been organizing days when our employees can donate blood at work for several years now. But in order to make this process more systematic, to attract new donors to the movement, to maintain constant communication with them, we are working with DonorUA, a partner with experience in transporting blood to frontline hospitals to save military and civilian lives in a timely manner,” says Pavlo Moroz, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at MHP.

One of the key benefits of this partnership will be to systematise and streamline the donation process throughout the company and unite employees around the common idea of saving the lives of military personnel and civilians. The partnership will also include a lecture on how best to prepare for and recover from blood donation, how safe this process is, and debunking the myths about blood donation.

Since 2015, DonorUA has been fostering a culture of blood donation within corporations and more than 100 companies have already taken part in corporate donor days, and with employees donating blood once or twice a year.

“Blood donations unite thousands of Ukrainians today with nearly 128,000 donors already registered on the DonorUA platform.  At the same time, the growing demand for blood means we need even more active donors, so we will do all we can to encourage everyone to donate,” says Iryna Slavinska, co-founder of DonorUA.

Ensuring sufficient blood stocks is of crucial importance for national security and defense, especially in times of war when blood is vital for saving wounded defenders and treating civilians. Therefore, Ukrainian citizens can join the blood drive and contribute to the formation of a reliable and high-quality national blood supply.