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This fall, 100 teenagers implemented 20 ambitious projects in their communities. How did they manage?


In fall 2023, 100 young Ukrainians aged 14-17 implemented various public projects in their towns ...


670 participants and UAH 275,000 for the Armed Forces: in Ternopil, military and Olympians ran the charity “Fainozabih”


The first charity run in several years took place in Ternopil on October 15th. All ...


Benefactors of the “MHP-Gromadi” Foundation continue to develop Ukrainian museums


The “MHP-Gromadi” Charitable Foundation has established and is implementing a nationwide project, “Preservation of Cultural ...


MHP-Gromadi Foundation team is doing all it can to support Ukrainians. To rebuild what was destroyed by the war! It’s time to join forces! We encourage you to partner!

The war in Ukraine 300 thousands IDPs and defenders received help
700 tons of humanitarian aid delivered to IDPs
102 public initiatives were supported for UAH 8.2 million
63 micro-businesses were supported in the amount of UAH 5 million

For 6 years our Foundation has been developing villages and small towns in Ukraine. But the war destroyed what we loved. From 24 February 2022 we are working for the sake of the victory. We help those who stand in the defence and those who were forced to leave their homes.

TETYANA VOLOCHAY, Director of MHP-Gromadi

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