The «MHP-Gromadi» Charitable Foundation continues to operate.
Now we are working for Victory!

Today «MHP-Gromadi» Charitable Foundation focuses on five areas


Helping Ukraine's defenders

We support strong and unbreakable soldiers and veterans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with transportation, medicines, food, clothing, equipment and technical equipment. We provide financial support for the treatment, rehabilitation, education and other needs of Ukraine's defenders. We also realize various charitable initiatives aimed at raising funds to support military personnel and their families.

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Helping refugees and IDPs

Communities need to be rebuilt not after the war, but right now. And this is not just about humanitarian aid, hygiene products or gifts. It is about a comprehensive approach to supporting refugees and IDPs. We systematically work in several areas at once, such as humanitarian and information support, psychological assistance, cultural and educational activities, as well as employment issues - creating new jobs, re-profiling and developing entrepreneurship.

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Helping doctors and medical facilities

It is important for us to support initiatives aimed at helping doctors and medical institutions. We help with the purchase of equipment, medicines, and other materials necessary to provide quality medical care. We joined the initiative of the President of Ukraine United24 in the area of Medical Aid and purchased resuscitation cars. Also, thanks to the support of international partners MOAS, RMH Latvia, and Oksana Dmitrieva's Foundation, we launched a specially equipped medical car with reagents and medical equipment for initial examinations and consultations. The ambulance travels to small towns and villages in Vinnytsia, Kyiv, Sumy and Khmelnytsky oblasts, helping everyone to get the necessary medical care.

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Helping children and mothers

The hot phase of the war scaled up our care for children and mothers. Evacuations, humanitarian and information support, creation of educational hubs, and psychological support were our response to the challenges of a full-scale invasion. We support educational initiatives by organizing various cultural, entertainment and educational events for children.

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Food security for households

Food security and support for Ukraine's economy is our No. 1 priority. We implement initiatives aimed at developing the agricultural sector, improving the quality and quantity of agricultural production, and supporting socially vulnerable groups with food. We provide our shareholders with high-quality vegetable seeds and advise on the implementation of modern agricultural technologies.

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The team of the «MHP-Gromadi» Charitable Foundation is doing everything to support Ukrainians. To rebuild what was destroyed by the war! It's time to join forces!
We encourage you to partner!