10 september 2022,

Is it time for Ukraine to take the first step along the road to revival?

When the war started, the team of our foundation changed its focus from a “sustainable development” to a “rapid response” fund. After all, how can we talk about development when a country is fighting to survive in the face of severe military aggression?

Yet every day we saw examples of how communities self-organized and sought to proactively improve themselves. First they focused on securing essential supplies for themselves and servicemen including such simple activities like making  stew, then they provided assistance to internally displaced persons, and then they began to create.

Do you know what event took place recently in Ladyzhyn, Vinnytsia Oblast, for example? A festival of wooden sculpture! The event saw sculptors from Ukraine and Lithuania creating art objects for Ukrainian parks from ordinary wooden logs. Our foundation was delighted to be its partner, supporting the project with 100 000 UAH.

Are we surprised that people would respond to such a terrible conflict with such creative resilience? Absolutely not!

These are our people! Ukrainians!