Book of ACTIONS presented to communities to record their plans, dreams, and future projects

09 may 2023,

A Book of Actions has been presented in the village of Potaptsi, Cherkasy region. This is a large bookplate measuring 40 by 60 cm, weighing about 15 kg, composed of a number of blank pages. This enables community representatives, local residents, and activists to write down their plans, and ideas for future projects to restore and repair the regions after Ukraine’s victory. The book will tour different regions across Ukraine. In May, it will be visiting the Kyiv and Vinnytsia regions before later journeying to Khmelnytsky and Volyn.

«The idea behind the project is to record ideas and initiatives to accelerate the recovery of local  communities can across Ukraine whilst encouraging Ukrainians to implement them. Having held a number of grant competitions for several years in a row, I know from my own experience that formulating ideas and setting them in text, particularly in a paper format, is a vital part of implementation,” comments Tetiana Volochai, director of the «MHP – Gromadi» Сharitable Foundation.

“Tetyana Volochai and her colleagues presented the Book of Actions during the launch of the next season of our grant competition “Time to Act, Ukraine!”, which took place in a creative space in the village of Potaptsi. Last year, the Potaptsi HUB was an old abandoned library. The space has now been repaired and retrofitted with  new furniture and books. And most importantly it is now full of people taking part in a range of initiatives: from weaving camouflage nets, holding master classes to choir practice.

“When we heard about the grant competition, we just started acting. We were fascinated by the process. We began to describe the project and already imagined new tables, chairs, and even literature that would be on the shelves. We realized that if we couldn’t get funds here, we would look for more support, because we had already decided on the project. So we know from our own experience how important it is to take the first step – to simply realize and formulate your goals. After that, the brain will work out ways to realize it. So we are very pleased to host the presentation of the Book of Actions and hope that it will inspire others to act,” says Liudmyla Hordenko, project manager of Potaptsi HUB

After the book has travelled all around Ukraine, the organizers of the «Time to Act, Ukraine!» contest will create a map of community dreams and wil;present the results of the project  in the autumn.