«MHP-Gromadi» Charitable Foundation supports operatic production «Zaporozhian beyond the Danube»

22 june 2023,

The «MHP – Gromadi» Charitable Foundation has become the general partner of «Zaporozhian beyond the Danube» a new show by the Solomiya Krushelnytska Lviv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. Preparation for this new production has been going on for several years at first being hindered by Covid, and then by the war.
“We are committed to promoting Ukrainian identity through supporting cultural projects. We have a very important goal – to convey the heritage of our ancestors to the next generations. Many elements of Ukraine’s cultural heritage have been destroyed by the enemy: some being damaged by shelling and others being plundered by Russia. Ukraine has also suffering losses in human capital, with many performers and production staff serving on the front line or being displaced by the war. It is essential therefore for us to support Ukraine through cultural events to preserve our shared heritage,” says Tetiana Volochai, director of the «MHP – Gromadi» Charitable Foundation.

The performance, directed by Oksana Taranenko, showcases a new musical vision by composers Oleksandr and Dmytro Saratsky, under the direction of the famous Ukrainian conductor Iryna Stasyshyn. The new opera showcases a new image of the Ukrainian Cossacks, having stripped back the centuries-old stereotypes imposed by Russian imperialists.
“The idea behind our new interpretation is to show the Cossacks as they really were: powerful, warlike and freedom-loving, able to withstand tough obstacles and fierce enemies. The performance is heroic, patriotic, and driven by the desire for independence,” said Oksana Taranenko, the opera’s director.
The opera’s characters fought for their right to be free and independent, demonstrating their love for their homeland. The opera further demonstrates that the will and spirit of the people of Ukraine cannot be broken.